Monday, June 21, 2010

About Nagoya Mansion

Nagoya Mansion is the first apartment in Batam that offers the concept of luxury housing and hotel concept with occupy an area of 4000 M2 and it built with two towers (Tower A & Tower B) consisting of 599 units, There an area call commercial area is for Business area. Tower A and Tower B has a height of 19 floors. The location of Nagoya Mansion is Strategic, adjacent to the Nagoya Hill Shopping centre and access to anywhere it is also quite easy because it is located approximately 20 meters from the main road.

This apartment is equipped with a swimming pool, mini pub, food street, fitness centre, restaurant and business area. Business area is reserved for enthusiasts to meet the needs of the residents so that it will provide many benefits to employers and to facilitate residents to meet their daily needs. Each unit has a balcony to view the City of Batam and the surrounding scenery. With a height that the unit has, the occupants will have views of beautiful scenery such as city, pool, garden and singapore sea.

"The concept of the find by the developer was to build apartments with condominium concept. That is, this apartment is designed like a condominium with the various facilities available, but sold for an apartment, "the prime Apartments Prices start from 240 million rupiah.

Developer       : PT. UWAY MAKMUR 

Office             : Komplek Ruko Galaxy No 1 & 2, Jl. Imam Bonjol (Right side of BANK BNI, kampung utama)

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